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B&W, 600x789 resolution (or slightly less), 8k-22k file size
These are a little rough, but often good enough. I make no guarantees



16 greyscales, 600x789 resolution (or slightly less), 50k-120k file size
These look great on my monitor. Your monitor may vary

B&W, 1931x3152 resolution
Just right for laser printing

Many thanks to Francesco Piazza for these images

These images are not as high quality as some, but they are legible. Good data on the 6550 seems to be particularly hard to find, so I am thrilled to have these pages.

You may also want to see the KT88 pages. The characteristics should be similar, and the KT88 data is high quality and complete.

Svetlana also offers a datasheet for their SV6550C in Adobe Acrobat format.

1 Maximum ratings and typical operation

2 More typical operating conditions

3 More typical operating conditions

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5 August 1996