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20EZ7 Pinout
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20EZ7 Substitutes
Different filament voltage 12AX7, 12AX7R, 6AX7, 6L13, 7025, 7382, 7494, B339, CV10319, CV492, CV8156, CV8222, E2164, E83CC, ECC803S, ECC83, ECC863

Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application.


20EZ7 Ratings

No information available

20EZ7 Application Data
Class Va Vg1 Ia Ra S
Triode 100 -1 0.5 80,000 1.25
Triode 250 -2 1.2 62,500 1.6


20EZ7 Data sheet links
Dave Cigna''s Pages (DuncanAmps mirror) 12AX7: html
Duncan''s Amp Pages 6L13/ECC83: Acrobat PDF (5 pages)  Vade Mecum s.345: Acrobat PDF (2 pages)
Peter Millett 20EZ7: Acrobat PDF 186K  12AX7: Acrobat PDF 65K  12AX7-A: Acrobat PDF 204K  5751: Acrobat PDF 208K  7025: Acrobat PDF 224K
National Valve Museum 12AX7: html  ECC83: html2
oldradio.qrz.ru 20EZ7: MK buizen handboek  ECC83: html page, MAZDA Valves & Picture Tubes Data
Frank Philipse (Wildcat mirror - Jörg Jan Münter) 20EZ7: 20EZ7.pdf (234774 bytes)  12AX7: 12AV6.pdf (96362 bytes), 12AX7.pdf (1035372 bytes), 12AX7.pdf (155076 bytes), 12AX7.pdf (288086 bytes), 12AX7.pdf (298923 bytes)  12AX7A: 12AX7A.pdf (175904 bytes), 12AX7A.pdf (176880 bytes), 12AX7A.pdf (374410 bytes), 12AX7A.pdf (602706 bytes) (fr)  12AX7S: 12AX7S.pdf (227978 bytes), 12AX7S.pdf (659411 bytes) (fr)  12AX7WA: 12AX7WA.pdf (169487 bytes)  5751: 2050.pdf (813252 bytes), 5751.pdf (106405 bytes) (de), 5751.pdf (136071 bytes), 5751.pdf (222944 bytes), 5751.pdf (231531 bytes) (de), 5751.pdf (689521 bytes) (fr)  5751WA: 5751WA.pdf (262382 bytes), 5751WA.pdf (269752 bytes)  6057: 6057.pdf (66618 bytes)  6681: 6681.pdf (193751 bytes), 6681.pdf (230504 bytes), 6681.pdf (85786 bytes)  6AX7: 6AX7.pdf (176519 bytes)  7025: 6201.pdf (902849 bytes), 7025.pdf (192602 bytes), 7025.pdf (210739 bytes), 7025.pdf (255087 bytes), 7025.pdf (416698 bytes)  7382: 7382.pdf (65262 bytes)  7494: 7494.pdf (86313 bytes)  7729: 7729.pdf (231224 bytes)  B339: B339.pdf (68971 bytes)  E83CC: E83CC.pdf (203713 bytes) (de), E83CC.pdf (456084 bytes) (de), E83CC.pdf (462413 bytes)  ECC803: ECC803.pdf (111821 bytes)  ECC803S: ECC803S.pdf (1986193 bytes) (cs), ECC803S.pdf (484395 bytes), ECC803S.pdf (517186 bytes) (de)  ECC83: ECC83.pdf (152663 bytes), ECC83.pdf (2442186 bytes) (cs), ECC83.pdf (474468 bytes), ECC83.pdf (701380 bytes), ECC83.pdf (94156 bytes) (de)
Triode Electronics 12AX7: gif1, gif2, gif3, gif4, gif5, gif6
TubeZone 12AX7: pdf

Bold designators are close or identical, Italic designators are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details

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