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The TDSL (Tube Data Sheet Locator) website was conceived by Duncan Munro as a search engine in the late 90's to capture the growing number of electronic valve/tube data sheets out in the World Wide Web.


TDSL is sponsored by Templar Mace Limited, a consultancy company owned by Duncan. TML provide the annual hosting and cloud storage costs which allow over 1,000 visitors per day to enjoy this free resource.

Heroes: Many thanks go to the following for their assistance, support, and contributions towards this project since it started in 1997 - without them, TDSL would not be what it is today.

Martin Ackroyd, Eric Barbour, Steve Bench, Dragos Bora, Thomas Brandenstein, Ned Carlson, Dave Cigna, David Crittle, Zoran Dimovski, Jerzy Dudek, Sergey V. Ekilik, Jeremy Epstein, Fernando Fonseca, Timothy R. Fox, Gruvmyster, Thomas Günzel, Corné Janssen, John Kaesehagen, Pieter Lamers, Rob Lewis, Per Lundahl, Ross Matheson, Joe Mooney, Chris Morriss, Christopher Nystrom, Frank Philipse, Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet, Patrick Proot, Eduardo Ramadori, Brian Richardson, Ralf Suertenich, Julio Walter, Leo Wolk, Bernhard Wybranski.

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