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5Y3-GT Pinout
basing pinout


5Y3-GT Substitutes

No information available

5Y3-GT Ratings
Vh Ih VaMax IkMax Notes
5.0 2.0 PIV=1400V 440 Ia pk Tube drop = 50V @ 125mA


5Y3-GT Application Data
Class RMSin Irect Cout Rser
FW rectifier 350-0-350 125 32 30


5Y3-GT Data sheet links
Dave Cigna''s Pages (DuncanAmps mirror) 5Y3GT: html
Peter Millett 5Y3-GT: Acrobat PDF 137K
National Valve Museum 5Y3GT: html
Frank Philipse 5Y3GT: 093/5/5Y3GT.pdf
Triode Electronics 5Y3GT: gif1, gif2, gif3, gif4, gif5
TubeZone 5Y3GT: pdf


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